Workers Push through on Trailhead

By: Carrie Napoleon, Post-Tribune

CROWN POINT – Workers on the long-awaited Erie Lackawanna Summit Street Trailhead pushed through Monday morning rain to keep the project on track.

The trailhead will be closed until Thursday morning weather permitting, as a concrete node – the roundabout that will feature decorative landscaping in the center – is installe at the entrance to the trail.

John Kucik, superintendent with general contractor Gariup Construction of Gary, said the work schedule is aggressive and will proceed as quickly as possible so the busy trailhead is reopened.

“We’re still at it,” Kucik said as the rain started to clear out.

The trailhead is expected to be closed from Monday to Wednesday so the concrete can be poured. Work will continue once the trailhead is reopened.

“We’re going to start here and work our way out,” Kucik said. Thursday the pre-fabricated restroom structure is expected to be delivered and installed.

Jennie Burgess, parks administrator, said the Summit Street trailhead is widely used and officials want to have it reopened as quickly as possible. Once the trailhead node is installed, bikers and pedestrians can access the trail while additional work at the site continues.

Work on the approximately $500,000 trailhead funded in part by about $380,000 in federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds a 20 percent match from the city will include the trailhead entrance, a pavilion with picnic tables, benches, a public restroom and expanded parking. The trail itself remains open.

“Users can still access Erie Lackawanna trail at 93rd Avenue,” Burgess said.